Could Undertale Come to the Wii U?

Toby Fox's Undertale Retrospective Shows the Highs and Lows 2
| Feb 4, 2016

In a string of tweets this morning made by Toby Fox, the creator of instant indie classic, Undertale, he says we might get a console port.

There’s no promises here, but Fox says it’s not impossible, just that he wouldn’t be handling the programming as he doesn’t know any actual program languages. Undertale was made around a battle system that Fox made in Game Maker which doesn’t support Nintendo platforms, so it’d have to be done all over again from the ground up.
While Fox is concerned about getting an accurate and glitch-free version of the game on a console he’s worked himself up to a point of, “might as well try.”

Fox had apparently been approached by a Nintendo representative months before.
While I’d love to see Undertale hit the Wii U or 3DS, I’m just not sure how it would handle some of the story beats that make the game as interesting as it is, such as closing down the game on you altogether. Here’s hoping they figure something out though.

You can follow Toby Fox on Twitter and currently find Undertale on Steam.