DOOM Arrives Friday the 13

DOOM Arrives Friday the 13
| Feb 4, 2016

Bethesda will be releasing the new DOOM, worldwide on May 13, 2016. Experience the next installment of the pioneer franchise in all its gritty gory glory.

Bethesda has just released a new trailer showing off even more gruesome ways to mutilate your enemies and how they’ll mutilate you. Get pumped to storm your way through hell, blasting every despicable demon in your way during the single-player campaign. Or duke it out in multiplayer with your friends online.

When you get tired of slogging the same way through the entrails of your fallen foes, make your own levels with the new SnapMap game editor to create and share your own works. The editor has already received several awards from E3 2015 and is touted to be easy to use.

Also revealed is the premium collector’s edition that will be available globally. It offers gamers a 12 inch tall statue of the Revenant, modelled from the actual 3D model used in-game, standing menacingly on an LED lit base. Your game also comes in a battle-hardened metal case. The collector’s edition will be priced at $119.99 (USD).

Should you pre-order now, you’ll have access to the Demon Multiplayer Pack which gives players a demon armour set with three skin variants as well as a set of metallic paints and ID logo patterns to mark your weapons. Players will also receive six Hack Modules, consumable items that help give you an edge in multiplayer.

DOOM will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.