Mother 3 Might Finally See A Release In The West

Mother 3 Might Finally See A Release In The West
| Feb 4, 2016

Rumour has it that the long demanded Mother 3 might finally see a Western release.

According to Eurogamer, “That’s according to a couple of sources close to Nintendo, who have shared the word via Twitter and Reddit. Separately, Eurogamer…was told the release is finally happening – via Wii U Virtual Console – to celebrate Mother 3’s 10th anniversary of release in Japan.”

Supposedly, one tip came from Emily Rogers who tweeted “Don’t be surprised if Nintendo celebrates a game’s 10th anniversary this year.” Her account has, apparently, since been deleted.

Another source supposedly also confirmed that Mother 3 was close to the final stages of localization at Nintendo of Europe.

While these are mostly just rumours, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Nintendo deliver such a widely fan-requested game, given their release of the original Mother on the Wii U virtual console, and the increased popularity of the Mother name through Super Smash Bros and the internet.

It would show a great deal of loyalty on behalf of Nintendo to finally release such a monumental game outside of Japan, let’s hope these rumours ring true.