Dungeons 2 Coming to The PS4 in April

| Feb 10, 2016
Dungeons 2 Coming to The PS4 in April

If you never ventured into becoming an all-consuming evil overlord when Dungeons 2 released on Steam early last year, you can now for the PS4.

The developers at Realmforge and Kalypso Media are aiming to bring PlayStation players the dungeon sim on April 26.

You can amass an army of grueling goblins, orcs, trolls and more as you expand your underground domain of terror. Build traps and decimate any who would dare trespass on your territory. Then, with your army, surge forth from underground and lay waste to the happy hillside Overworld in RTS fashion.

But make sure to stay on top of your dungeon management as both the RTS combat and your dungeon operate in real-time.

Once you’ve completed the “extensive” campaign, try tackling other dungeon keepers in multiplayer.

For the PS4 version, several pieces of DLC will be packaged in, including, A Chance of Dragons, A Song of Sand and Fire and A Clash of Pumpkins. Each of those DLC packs give players three unique skirmish maps, so it’s definitely packed with content waiting to be opened, April 26.

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