No Man’s Sky will be Full Priced Release According to PlayStation Blog

No Man's Sky will be Full Priced Release According to PlayStation Blog 1
| Mar 2, 2016
No Man'S Sky Will Be Full Priced Release According To Playstation Blog 1

No Man’s Sky is a title that captured people’s imaginations since the first time the team at Hello Games showed it off. It was an expansive world, where there will be countless planets for you to explore, experience and utilize. Yet everyone involved have been silent on when we can expect to jump into the experience or what it will cost. It seems the PlayStation Blog accidently revealed part of the story. 

In a post that was quickly taken down, No Man’s Sky was listed  with a price of $59.99 and a pre-order date of March 3rd. The posting has since been taking down at the time of writing this story.

Now there are some that may say the $59.99 price point may be too high, especially for the team size that worked on the game. There is currently talk on Neogaf about the price and the pre-order release being announced. But with the sheer amount of content being offered, it rivals many AAA games from big studios.

There is still so much we don’t know about No Man’s Sky, from what the core story experience will be like, to what Hello Games has planned post launch.

It is expected that Sony will reinstate the details page for the game once the pre-order page goes live tomorrow.