Blizzard Announces Overwatch Open Beta

| Mar 7, 2016
Blizzard Announces Overwatch Open Beta 1

There’s no denying the hype for Blizzard’s latest title Overwatch. So, to thank the fans who’ve supported the soon-to-be-released game, the house of Warcraft announced an open beta.

Originally, there was a closed beta. According to the game’s director Jeff Kaplan, it allowed them to make changes without disturbing players, but there’s been a push from the community to try the game out in full.

The open beta is for PC along with Xbox One and PS4 and is available in all gameplay regions. For those who pre-ordered or pre-purchased the title, this starts on May 3 to 4, and they can bring a friend along for the adventure . Everyone else has to wait until May 5 to 9.

“We thought about what should be an open beta…” says Kaplan in the YouTube announcement.” But we feel like the game shows itself best when you have access to all the content.” That means all 21 classes are available from the start along with maps and loot.

This is a really big deal for anyone interested in the Overwatch. There’s been so much buzz for the game, that it was only a matter of time before everyone got a sneak peak. The fact that so much is available right from the start will be a really nice way to find out if the game is good for you, and how you will play. Good call Blizzard.

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