Sci-fi Roguelike Beacon Revealed

Sci-fi Roguelike Beacon Unveild
| Mar 9, 2016

The roguelike has quickly become this console generations buzz word. Since Demon’s Souls hit store shelves, the roguelike has become the game type to be. You can now add one more game to that list with Beacon.

Set in a Sci-fi universe, Beacon has the player take the role of Freja, a pilot-for-hire who’s ship has just crashed into the side of an unknown planet. Thanks to the ships unique automated clone bay, death is more of an annoyance than a hindrance.

Played as a top-down shooter, Beacon where the player must fight through a randomly generated world filled with hostiles as he scavenges to find resources to build a distress beacon and eventually escape the planet.

In an interesting addition to the roguelike formula, as you fight through areas within the game, you will find not only weapons and items, but also DNA from slain enemies. When you eventually die and need to clone yourself, you can use the DNA collected and combine it with your own for potential gameplay altering mutations to take advantage of on your next run.

Beacon is looking to merge the fast kinetic action and long-term strategy that hopefully will result in a fun, engaging experience. Beacon will launch on the PC and Xbox One and will be launching “soon”.