Crytek Releases Dinosaur Island 2 For Free

Crytek Releases Dinosaur Island 2 For Free 1
| Mar 11, 2016

Crytek is known for building powerful engines that pump out amazing visuals. Now that they have moved into the VR space, they are creating some truly stunning demos, one of which, you can download now.

Dinosaur Island 2 today is available for free via steam. The demo that was previously shown off at E3 to select press transports the player to a world filled with Dinosaurs. You will get to scale a massive cliff, see huge flying creatures and react as they rain debris from above. It is an experience that you need to see to believe, so if you are one of the lucky few that has a VR headset, it may be time to strap in.

In a statement Crytek’s Executive Producer, Elijah Freeman, said, “The feedback we received from people who played Back to Dinosaur Island 2 was really encouraging, and the lessons we learned from creating it have been significant for our current VR projects. The demo goes beyond being merely a visual showcase and includes interactive elements that harness the unique power of the medium. By making this experience available for free, we hope as many players as possible will take the opportunity to feel truly present in a new world of dinosaurs.”

If you have a headset, that supports Risk SDK 0.8, or higher this could be your chance to walk among the Dinosaurs. If you are not lucky enough to have the required technology, Crytek has released a youtube demo to give a taste of what it will all be.