Sierra Releases Kings Quest Chapter 3 April 26

Kings Quest Chapter 3 Releases April 26 8

Kings Quest is a series of games with a long history. Each installment gave players new ways to enjoy the universe and had a fresh take on what the series could offer.

The Odd Gentlemen with Kings Quest Chapter 3 are taking this concept to heart, with a more romantic comedy style adventure this time around. Featuring the classic character of King Graham’s wife, Queen Vananice and explore how they first met. Fans may think they know what to expect from this classic story, but The Odd Gentlemen have some tricks up their sleeves to ensure it will be a wholly unique fairytale.

The new Kings Quest is a return to form for the series, bringing the classic elements that long-time fans of the series love back to the franchise. Told via a bunch of stories told by the Old King Graham, Kings Quest is an episodic adventure available on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Steam. Chapter 3: Once Upon a Climb will be available globally on April 26.