Street Fighter V Releases “Free” DLC Character

Street Fighter V Releases "Free" DLC Character
| Mar 29, 2016

Street Fighter V is getting ready for its first DLC character, Alex.

Yesterday the big March update rolled out its first part, adding challenge mode, online rematches, battle lounge improvements and a host of general bug fixes.

Challenge mode gives players the chance to work with their favourite characters to meet a series of trials while providing helpful demonstrations. Also available will be a series of tutorials to help teach the player base the simple mechanics and advanced mechanics of the game.

Online rematch is now available as long as both players accept the invitation.

The battle lounge can now handle up to eight players and allow for match spectating.

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On Wednesday, 30, the new topless, suspender-clad, DLC fighter, Alex, will be available for free for a trial period as Capcom works to complete their Zenny store. The real money currency system hasn’t quite squished all the bugs yet and Capcom says they want to be extra careful since Zenny is actual cash. Until then, everyone can enjoy the new fighter and see if they want to drop the money to scoop him up.

They promise that whatever progress you make with Alex will be saved during the trial period and you simply have to pay for him to continue working with him.

Also on the 30, Ryu and Chun-Li’s story mode costume will be available for free, which is a combined value of 80,000 Fight Money, be sure to nab those before they cost cash again.