Final Fantasy XV Release Date and More Leaked

| Mar 30, 2016
Final Fantasy XV Release Date and More Leaked 1

Some Final Fantasy XV news is leaking around the web.

Destructoid has reported that Gamespot has confirmed the existence of a new playable demo and a September 30 release date. Their video reporting on this has since been removed.

The demo will allegedly feature content not included in the main game as it follows a young Noctis. You can see a short clip that has been leaked from China. This demo will apparently be out tonight.

The Final Fantasy XV Uncovered event is taking place tonight at 10PM ET so we’ll learn more about the authenticity of the leaks. But according to Destructoid, a NeoGAF moderator, Falk, who has apparently worked with Square Enix in some capacity, is deleting spoiler threads and posts on the message board. Leading some to believe the authenticity of these leaks.

We’ll know more later tonight.

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