Louisiana Game Developers Combine Forces to Create Quest of Souls

BATON ROUGE, La., April 1, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — For the first time, four Louisiana video game studios have come together to create a single game, Quest of Souls, a fantasy RPG shooter to be released for PC, Mac and Linux on Steam. The companies rallied under the banner of King Crow Studios, an indie game studio.
Quest of Souls is inspired by ’90s Super Nintendo titles like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger and Super Smash TV. The game features three-player co-op, more than 180 ability customizations and seven unique endings.
Those interested in supporting Quest of Souls can help fund the project by visiting the game’s Kickstarter page. The Kickstarter has already received an unpaid endorsement from Kickstarter the company, who has awarded Quest of Souls a coveted “Project We Love” designation.
To create Quest of Souls, King Crow Studios has partnered with:

The companies collaborated with King Crow’s own staff of nine artists and programmers.
“This is how a gaming collective like the Level Up Lab is supposed to work,” says John Nettles, associate director of communications for the Louisiana Technology Park, and manager of the Level Up Lab. “King Crow Studios has taken the best talents of all our teams and placed them perfectly in the Quest of Souls project.”
King Crow seeks to bring back the lost genre of multiplayer role-playing games with the release of Quest of Souls. An upcoming Kickstarter will help the game developer accelerate the creation process and expand the game’s features.
All companies operate within the Level Up Lab, a collaborative gaming studio located within the Louisiana Technology Park, a business incubator in Baton Rouge, La.
King Crow seeks to give entry-level game developers the opportunity to become professionals, preparing them for careers in the growing field of video game development.
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King Crow Studios was founded in Baton Rouge, La. by Cody Louviere in September 2015 and shares a communal office space with other indie companies at the Level Up Lab within the Louisiana Technology Park. Quest of Souls is the first of five games King Crow Studios plans to produce over the next seven years.
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