Nintendo Files New Patent For Object Detection

Nintendo Files New Patent For Object Detection
| Apr 7, 2016

Details have surfaced for a patent filed by Nintendo that will apparently detect objects for input in games.

The patent was originally filed back in August 201, however were recently  shared through a Neogaf post showcasing a device. not dissimilar in design to the 3DS NFC reader which apparently comes equipped with hardware to scan and detect objects to be worked in conjunction with a projection surface or some kind of display.

It is theorized that scanned objects can potentially be used as controllers, as well as in-game devices. While the patent is mostly a lot of technical talk, this device does look in-line with Nintendo’s recent push into the toys-to-life market.

This is just one of several new patents seem to suggest Nintendo is moving towards more inter-connectivity and interactivity for their newest platform. With their mobile sector potentially releasing an app that turns your phone into a controller, the potential design implications of the NX’s controller and Amiibos themselves, this could be a very interesting time for Nintendo.