Nosgoth Cancelled, Servers Will Shut Down in May

Nosgoth Cancelled, Servers Will Shut Down in May 2
| Apr 8, 2016

The Legacy of Kain inspired multiplayer game from Psyonix ,the creators of Rocket League, is officially canceled. 

in a post on the community forums from Community Manager Chris Murphy outlined the cancellation, stating the games community had not grown enough to sustain ongoing development.

In a statement Murphy outlined that “”It is with a heavy heart and an immense sense of sadness that we must announce the end of Nosgoth’s development. Servers will continue to run until 31st May 2016, during which time you will be able to play the game as normal. After that date, Nosgoth will be taken offline for the last time”

He goes on to say that “This was not an easy decision to come to. It has been a pleasure to build this game with your help, but ultimately its audience hasn’t grown enough to sustain ongoing operations.”

The games servers will remain online for new and existing players until May 31st but players will not be able to make any real money purchases in the game. Anyone that purchased items in game since March 1st will be refunded.

This comes as a shock, with the developers Jacob Mott and Bill Beacham discussing the development and future plans in an interview with CGMagazine just last month. Hopefully this is not an indication by Square-Enix that they are giving up on the Legacy of Kain  franchise. With little time left, if you are interested in Nosgoth, it may be worth heading over to the games site and giving it a try, even if it will only be for a short while.