Nicalis set to Publish Deptorra’s Creepy Castle

Nicalis set to Publish Deptorra's Creepy Castle 1
| Apr 13, 2016

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Creepy Castle has been picked up by Nicalis who will publish the retro indie title.

Creepy Castle, developed by Deptorra, follows Moth, who is actually a moth, as he tries to unravel the mysteries held within the ominous stone castle. The game lets players play through several scenarios, spanning several hours as they fight and explore the dizzying amount of floors and corridors.

Creepy Castle promises to give players a unique turn-based combat system to allow you to duel with a host of creatures, each with their own type of duel. You can customize your game interface how you like and collect notes and books to expand your knowledge of the world around you.

The game’s Kickstarter only needed $6000 for its goal, but it reached $8400, clearing a few stretch goals. Including a Game Boy filter, achievements and Mac and Linux ports.

Creepy Castle will be available on PC, Mac and Linux sometime this summer.