Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta details announced

| Apr 14, 2016
Mirror's Edge Catalyst Closed Beta details announced 2

New details of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s recently closed beta test have now emerged. If you are one of the lucky players to receive a code from EA then you will be able to play both single player and multiplayer sections of the new title starting April 22.

The beta will include seven playable missions, which will also feature side missions and other optional content for players to experience. Players will also get to test Catalyst’s multiplayer segment known as Social play. This is a mode that allows other runners to create races or time trials in the map and compete for bragging rights on social leader-boards.

Mirror'S Edge Catalyst Closed Beta Details Announced 1The beta will be able to be played on every platform intended for release, PS4, Xbox One and PC using EA’s Origin service until April 27. Catalyst is a reboot for the Mirror’s Edge franchise, developed by EA DICE, and will release on May 24.

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