Supergiant Games Shows Off New IP at PAX East

| Apr 19, 2016
Supergiant Games Shows Off New IP at PAX East

Supergiant Games has just announced its next title, Pyre, a party-based RPG.

Pyre features a band of exiles caught up in an ancient competition in a mystical purgatory. The game is showing off the studios usual talent of creating rich colourful worlds, brimming with imagination and creativity. Supergiant promises that the game will have players make decisions on the world map in combination with fast-paced combat.

In the beginning of the story, our main character is on the verge of death and is saved by a band of wanderers. They’re seeking information on the rites, the secretive competition you’ve found yourself in. There’s the hope that upon completing the Rites that the victors are able to return home from whence they were exiled from. Travel across the land of Downside as you fight against other contestants.

Supergiant is planning on rolling out a large cast for players to grow attached to along their journey.

Pyre will be showcased at PAX East this weekend and is set for a 2017 launch with more details on the way. It will launch simultaneously on Steam and PS4.

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