Shadow Complex Remastered PS4 release date

Shadow Complex Remastered PS4 release date
| Apr 20, 2016

Shadow Complex Remastered, the HD update of the popular action side-scroller, is finally hitting the PlayStation 4 on May 3rd.

Chair co-founder and Creative Director Donald Mustard shared the news on the PlayStation Blog earlier today. “Delivering Shadow Complex to the amazing audience of PlayStation gamers has always been a goal for us at Chair, and we can’t wait to introduce all of you to the game next month!

Shadow Complex is a 2.5D love letter to classic side-scrollers like the Metroid and Castlevania series. The game follows Jason Fleming, a young man who must rescue his girlfriend in a mysterious underground base. “This beloved genre provided some of our most memorable gaming experiences, but was abandoned for more than a decade in favor of new games pushing 3D graphics,” says Mustard. “We love our modern games, but also longed for something new with the flavor and simplicity of something old. We hoped that others shared our passion for this genre and that Shadow Complex might help to reinvigorate it!

Shadow Complex was a massive success upon its initial release on Xbox 360 in 2009, winning multiple Game of the Year awards and setting multiple sales records. The remastered edition originally released on Xbox One last March.