Ranking The Marvel Cinematic Universe Part 2

Ranking The Marvel Cinematic Universe Part 2 3

Hello True Believers. This isn’t Stan Lee, but this is someone who can make a Stan Lee Soapbox reference. That and a parents-embarrassing career in film criticism qualifies me to do things like rank all of the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Carmageddon: Max Damage Gets Launch Date And Pre-Order Bonuses

Carmageddon: Max Damage Gets Launch Date And Pre-Order Bonuses

Eager road-ragers will have to wait just a little longer to unleash vehicle carnage in Carmageddon: Max Damage. However, the team at Stainless Games are trying to soften the blow by offering new exclusive pre-order content.

Stainless Games and Sold Out Sales & Marketing announced the delay through a press release, where the companies revealed the game will be pushed from its original June 3 release date to June 5, 2016. The European launch is just a few days later on July 8.

According to the statement released by the developers, pre-orders for the cult favourite racing game will earn players exclusive in-game content, as shown below:

auto draft 12 - Carmageddon: Max Damage Gets Launch Date And Pre-Order Bonuses

  • Two extra player cars: The “Tez Eagle” and the “Iron Hawk”
  • Four skins: Two additional paint schemes for each of the cars
  • Digital comic: An exclusive digital download for pre-order customers, entitled, “Where Eagles Die”

These bonuses are exclusive to the boxed retail versions of Carmageddon: Max Damage. With only a two-day delay, the pre-order bonuses are an interesting move for developers to try to please fans. For anyone looking to unleash their inner speed demons, you can pick up Carmaggedon on PS4 and Xbox One this June.

Terraria Releasing on Wii U This June

Terraria Releasing on Wii U in June

Wii U owners rejoice; the side-scrolling sandbox game Terraria is coming to to your console June 2016. Wii U may be one of the last consoles to get the Terraria treatment, but it certainly isn’t least.

Terraria publisher 505 games announced the long-awaited Wii U Edition of the 2D adventure game through a blog post on their website, which included a spiffy new launch trailer:

In the blog post, 505 Games Retention Manager Justin Reynolds says the Wii U version will feature “intuitive touchscreen controls to allow players easy access to the world of Terraria.” He also revealed Terraria will launch on June 24 in Europe, and June 28 in North America.

Terraria may have launched on most other consoles and smart devices previously, but the Wii U version still has plenty to offer to Terraria players, including:

  • 14 different environments such as eerie dungeons, slippery ice wastes, wild jungles and more
  • Hundreds of craftable weapons, armor and items
  • More than 150 enemies ranging from zombies to armies of goblins
  • Epic boss battles that test players’ combat skills
  • Vast worlds of exploration that introduce new potions, magic, gear and more

Terraria first surfaced in May 2011 on PC, and broadened its availability to include console, mobile and handheld adaptations.

Dark Souls Developer Teases Next Project

Dark Souls Developer Teases Next Project

FromSoftware uploaded a video to their YouTube channel showcasing the developer’s history, and all but announcing the name of their 2017 project.

According to the video, the game will come to PC, Xbox One and PS4, as well as featuring PlayStation VR integration.

Last week, FromSoftware president Hidetaka Miyazaki announced that the company is working on a new IP, and has no plans for any Souls-related games. In fact, in a recent interview, Miyazaki said “there is absolutely no plan right now for any [Dark Souls] sequels, spin-offs, or tie-ins… Development of a new IP has already begun.”

Little is known about FromSoftware’s 2017 project. Miyazaki thinks “it’s time to take a step in a new direction.”

Perhaps this “new direction” means the developer will venture away from the Souls and Bloodborne style of games, and toward entirely new genres.

It’s likely that more details on FromSoftware’s next big project will be released soon.