LucasArts, EA and Respawn Team Up For New Star Wars Game

Ryan BurdenMay 4, 2016
LucasArts, EA and Respawn Entertainment Team Up For Star Wars Game 1

Respawn Entertainment, the team behind Titanfall and the newly announced Titanfall 2, revealed they are working on a new Star Wars game alongside EA and LucasArts.

Game Director Stig Asmussen wrote about the announcement in Respawn Entertainment’s blog, telling fans he is “happy to announce [the company’s] partnership with Electronic Arts and Lucasfilm to deliver a whole new adventure to the galaxy.­­”

“For me, just typing these words is surreal. I have been playing Star Wars games my whole life, now I get to make a Star Wars game,” he wrote.

The director revealed the game will be a third-person action/adventure game set in the Star Wars universe.

He went on to say that Respawn currently has a very small but talented team to work on the game, but are looking for people to join them in the project. The company is currently hiring in all departments.

More specifically, one position Respawn is looking to fill is for a rendering-focused Technical Artist. The ideal candidate, according to Respawn’s job listing, would have Unreal experience and support the Environment, VFX, and Character Art teams.

The website all-but-guarantees the game will run on Unreal Engine 4, listing the Technical Artist position’s requirements and responsibilities as follows:

· Work with the art team to build tools and shaders in Unreal Engine 4.

· Knowledge of Unreal Engine 4 or a shipped title with previous versions of Unreal is a plus.

The director promised fans that he knew this is a massive opportunity, and knows not to take it for granted. He ended his letter by saying “This is the chance of a lifetime.”

Not much is known about the upcoming third-person Star Wars game, but it’s likely more details will begin to surface soon.