Top Nine Mothers In Video Games

Top Ten Mothers In Video Games 11
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Moms: The unsung heroes of our lives that slave away for our happiness without a second thought. Much like the wonderful mothers in our own lives, video game moms are often supportive, nurturing, and protective. From reminding you to change your underwear to dismembering anyone that tries to hurt you, moms truly shine in video games. This Mother’s Day, let us honour all the women that make sacrifices to better the lives of their offsprings, even those in video games. Here’s my list of some of the best moms in video game history. Happy Mother’s Day!

9. Cooking Mama – Cooking Mama

Top Ten Mothers In Video Games 4

Cooking Mama’s mom… right? I mean, her children are never really shown in any way, but she refers to herself as a mama. More to the point, she cooks hundreds of delicious dishes, so there’s probably a lineup of people wanting to be her kid. However, if you make a serious mistake while cooking, you will have failed Mama, enraging her in the process. Flames of disappointment and disgust erupt from Mama’s eyes. She quickly calms down though, and assures you “Don’t worry, Mama will fix it!”

8. Mother Penguin – Super Mario 64

Top Ten Mothers In Video Games 8

“Egad! My baby!! Have you seen my baby??? She’s the most precious baby in the whole wide world. (They say she has my beak)…I just can´t remember where I left her. Let´s see…I stopped for herring and ice cubes, then I…oohh! I just don´t know!” – A quote from the extremely irresponsible Mother Penguin. As loving as she is clumsy, she misplaces her child in Super Mario 64, burdening Mario with the task of finding her baby while she hangs out in an ice pool. Worse yet, she’ll just stand there and watch if Mario decides to toss her baby off a cliff. Granted, she’ll be pretty furious if you do. Despite her ineptitude, Mother Penguin cares deeply for her unnamed-precious-baby penguin, and for that, she’s earned her spot on this list.

7. Wrinkly Kong – Donkey Kong series

Top Ten Mothers In Video Games 7

Okay, Wrinkly Kong isn’t Donkey Kong’s mother- she’s his grandmother. However, she’s earned her spot on this list because she’s a motherly figure to all the Kongs, even after passing away. That’s right: She’s there to offer grandmotherly advice, even in the afterlife. Talk about dedication! Earlier in her life, Wrinkly taught at the Kong Kollege, passing on her wealth of information to the younger generation of Kongs. Later on, she set up a refuge for her grandson and the rest of the Kongs called Wrinkly’s Save Cave. Quite the matriarch of the family, isn’t she?

6. Mom – Animal Crossing series

Top Ten Mothers In Video Games 6

Your mother in Animal Crossing never really makes an appearance, but she does send you the occasional letter. Mom’s letters usually contain a small anecdotal story about life at home before you moved away. These letters are normally reminiscent of memories she has with you, or some words of guidance. Your Animal Crossing mom will also send gifts in the mail on your birthday, Toy Day, and New Year’s Day.  However, it is impossible to send any letters back to her, even on Mother’s Day. Instead, she will actually send you a gift. If that isn’t mom of the year material, I don’t know what is!

5. Mad Moxxi – Borderlands series

Top Ten Mothers In Video Games 3

Miss Moxxi is a caring mother, albeit in her own Pandoran way. She’s extremely protective of her children, Scooter and Ellie, who both took after her passion for mechanics. She is often viewed as violent and sadistic, but when it comes to her children, she’s the complete opposite. Although she seems bent on making her daughter more elegant, it’s only to put an end to the constant ridicule from Pandora’s psychotic inhabitants. She babies her son on the other hand, who has admittedly murdered several people in her honour. Anyone living in the Wasteland would be lucky to have a mom like Moxxie.

4. Mom – Pokémon series

Who wants you to be the very best, like no one ever was? Why, your mom of course! From being your financial manager in Pokémon Silver and Gold, to your running shoe supplier, mom is always there to nurture you and your Pokémon without notice. She will always be the one who see you off with a wave and some motherly love before you leave for your journey in every single game. In Pokémon Silver and Gold, if you visit your character’s mother from Pokémon Red and Blue, she will mention how she constantly worries about him, but is proud of all he’s done.

3. Ness’ Mom – EarthBound

Top Ten Mothers In Video Games 2

Ness’ mother has a unique function in EarthBound.  Whenever Ness visits his mother, she cooks his favourite meal and lets him stay over, fully recharging his health. But that’s not the interesting part: Ness’ relationship with his mother actually affects EarthBound’s gameplay. If Ness doesn’t call or visit his mom enough, he’ll start to miss her and become homesick. Soon, Ness’ longing for his mother distracts him enough to sometimes cause him to miss a turn in battle. The presence of Ness’ mom gives him the strength and courage needed to proceed in his journey. Without her, he becomes a mess in battle.

2.Kangaskhan – Pokémon series

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Kangaskhan is literally classified as the Parent Pokémon. She is a nurturing Pokémon that protects her young at all costs. She even sleeps standing up to avoid crushing her baby. If she senses a threat to her baby, Kangaskhan will violently attack until she knows her child is secure. Regardless of how badly injured she becomes in battle, the mother will not stop fighting until her baby is safe. Her efforts do not go unnoticed, as the child  will boldly challenge any opponent to protect its mother. In fact, when Kangaskhan mega evolves, the baby will hop out of her pouch and fight alongside her, forming a nearly unstoppable duo that is commonly used by competitive Pokémon players. According to Kangaskhan’s Pokédex entry from the latest Pokémon games, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire:

“If you come across a young Kangaskhan playing by itself, you must never disturb it or attempt to catch it. The baby Pokémon’s parent is sure to be in the area, and it will become violently enraged at you.”

Yeah, this is one mom that should not be messed with.

1. Queen Mikoto – Fire Emblem Fates

Top Ten Mothers In Video Games

Queen Mikoto has a whole lot on her plate. She has four stepchildren, an adoptive (err… maybe “stolen” is more accurate) daughter, and a child that was kidnapped by the neighbouring kingdom of Nohr. Couple that with being the ruler of a would-be peaceful kingdom on the brink of war, and you’ve got one busy mom. Mikoto is a kind and polite woman whose adoration for her people is matched only by their love for her. After her husband died at the hands of King Garon, the Nohrian king who stole her only biological child, Mikoto ruled Hoshido and raised her late husband’s four children without question. Mikoto agonized over her lost child (you) in secret, while putting on a happy facade for her children and kingdom. When she is finally reunited with her child, you are hesitant to accept her as your mother, as one might be after being absent for so many years. This doesn’t hurt her though, and she doesn’t get angry with you – in fact, she is completely supportive, and chooses to love, you, her child from afar until you ready to accept her. Without spoiling anything, Queen Mikoto ensures the safety of her children at all costs.

So there you have it, nine of the best video game moms of all time. While some may be quirky, clumsy or short-tempered, they all have one thing in common: the love they have for their children is immeasurable. Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs there is, so whether you’re taking on the elite four, defeating an evil witch or rescuing a princess, mom’s always got your back!