[RUMOUR] No Man’s Sky Delayed?

[RUMOR] No Man's Sky Delayed?
| May 26, 2016

No Man’s Sky is, reportedly, taking a bit longer before its maiden voyage.

Kotaku reports that the ambitious space exploration game will not make its planned June 21 release date, and won’t be released until July or August at the earliest. Sources close to Kotaku informed the site of the change and provided photographs informing Gamestop employees to replace mentions of the game’s alleged former release date on marketing materials with a “Coming Soon” logo instead.

No Man’s Sky is one of the PS4’s most anticipated titles since its unveiling at E3 2014. It boasts a near-limitless universe of planets for players to explore, an ambitious feat considering the game is being developed by a small indie team.

Developers Hello Studios has yet to comment on the rumours.