No Man’s Sky Creator Receives Death Threats Over Game’s Delay

No Man’s Sky Creator Receives Death Threats Over Game’s Delay 1
| May 30, 2016

Being incredibly excited for a game is one thing, and feeling utterly betrayed by a change in something for one can be perfectly valid. However, it can get a little bit too far, and at that point you have to wonder: is a violent response really warranted?

Apparently, it is when No Man’s Sky, originally slated for release on June 21st, is delayed. Sean Murray, managing director for Hello Games and No Man’s Sky’s creator, has been receiving death threats since the release was confirmed to have been changed to August:

The Kotaku writer who reported on the original rumour of the delay has also been receiving death threats:

While the responses from both of them have been dismissive and rather humorous, these death threats still show an alarming trend of internet-based violence that the more popular internet “faces” are subjected to. Fortunately, it is somewhat safe to say that these threats are facetious, mostly created to be “trolling” comments. There have been instances where the threats have become incredibly serious to the point of people having to leave their homes.

No Man’s Sky was announced back in 2014 at Sony’s E3 Press Conference. A lot of the game’s hype has centered around such an ambitious exploration-based game being the product of a relatively small studio. It could because there is so much hype surrounding the game, the response to the delay has been taken rather personally.

However, with so much hype, a delay could be good for the game and the company, so they can produce the best product possible.