Kickstarter For Fable Fortune Goes Live

| Jun 1, 2016
Kickstarter For Fable Fortune Goes Live 1

The legend of the Fable series may yet live on as the Kickstarter campaign for Fable Fortune is now underway.

Set in the Fable world of Albion, Fable Fortune is a free-to-play collectible card game that will utilize gameplay systems from the franchise and introduce new game modes. Players will experience iconic locations from the games including Fairfax Castle, Bowerstone, and Lychfield Cemetery.

The game will feature quests that the players can undertake during a match and earn rewards. Completing quests will also see players make a moral decision, as Fable Fortune continues the tradition of allowing players to be Good or Evil. This will in-turn have an affect on the player’s deck.

Players will also have the option of playing a co-op mode, allowing them to team up against villains from the series including Nostro and Logan.

Fable Fortune is being developed by Flaming Fowl Studios, a new company started by ex-Lionhead developers, who have been hard at work on this project for nearly 18 months. It is set to launch on PC (Steam & Windows Store) & Xbox One with the possibility for Android and iOS versions at a later date.

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