Battleborn Lead Writer Departs Gearbox

| Jun 3, 2016
Battleborn Lead Writer Departs Gearbox

Gearbox is saying loosing Battleborns’s lead writer. Aaron Linde, who’s talents can be seen in the single player section of Battleborn, has announced via twitter that this will be his last week at Gearbox.

In a series of tweets, Linde outlined the fact he will be be leaving Gearbox, but also expressed his pride with the work done on Battleborn. He also indicates that his new opportunity will take him to the pacific northwest, but with so many studios in the area, it is really hard to say where he will end up next.

Although Battleborn did not light the world on fire, it was an ambitious project for the studio. Aaron Linde added his brand of humour to the game, and although not all the jokes landed, they did give the game a personality that was all it’s own.

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