Fans Appeal to Konami in Effort to Get Suikoden Released on Steam

  • Lisa Mior | 
    Jun 3, 2016
Fans Appeal To Konami In Effort To Get Suikoden Released On Steam

A group of fans are on an impassioned quest to get Konami to release the Suikoden series on Steam.

The Suikoden Revival Movement, comprised of over 29 thousand fans on Facebook alone launched a twitter campaign today, targeting various Konami accounts, beseeching the North American release for PC, through the hashtag #SuikodenOnSteam.

Prior to this, the movement has successfully campaigned the release of Suikoden I and II on PSN for PS3 and Vita, so it’s not too far-fetched to expect results this time around, either.

Konami, themselves, have even recognized the power of the people:

Since both Suikoden I and II were released on PC in Japan, this is not the most unreasonable request fans have made of Konami. Now all we can do is watch and wait. Hopefully The Suikoden Revival Movement will get a response that isn’t in the form of a Pachinko machine.

Full disclosure – I’m a huge Genso Suikoden fan (I mean, it’s not really a secret – it’s in my bio).

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