The West Just Got More Wild With Wild Guns: Reloaded

The West Just Got More Wild With Wild Guns: Reloaded 1

Load up your six-shooter and get ready to go back to the wild west with the HD Remaster of the SNES cult-classic: Wild Guns.

Announced by Natsume at E3, Wild GunsReloaded sets players in the role of Clint or Annie as they gun their way through six action packed levels of arcade goodness. After the notorious Kid family abducts and kills Annie’s family, she seeks help from renowned space bounty hunter Clint to extract her revenge. Players use a combination of guns, powerups, melee attacks and a lasso that can be used to stun enemies. Unlike traditional arcade shooters, players actively control either Annie or Clint moving and dodging to avoid enemy fire.

Wild Guns flew under the radar when it was released in 1995, despite receiving critical acclaim for its fun mixture of arcade-shooter mechanics with simple 2D movement, exciting steampunk setting, and intense challenge. Wild Guns released for both the Wii and Wii U eShop, however Reloaded will include new features such as the inclusion of four players, added levels and characters.

Details are relatively sparse, however Wild Guns: Reloaded is set to release Fall 2016.

Call Of Duty Will Take the Fight to Space

Call Of Duty Will Take The Fight To Space 3

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare is supposedly, “going back to it’s roots,” with a strong emphasis on a massive battle between two armies and this time slipping the surly bonds of Earth to take the fight to space in what might be the most ambitious Call of Duty yet.

While the initial E3 trailer did show a lot of interesting new features for the newest installment in the Call of Duty franchise, according to the press release, Infinite Warfare promises, “grand scale war with unforgettable characters, rich emotional arcs, an epic new setting and blockbuster Call of Duty action.”

“Blockbuster” seems to be the appropriate word as Infinite Warefare will also feature, “For the first time ever, many parts of the campaign…will occur as a near seamless, action packed experience with few visible loading times.” These seamless transitions between cutscenes and gameplay are one of the reasons Uncharted 4 was so widely praised, and seems to be a key component of this gaming generation; further enhancing player immersion and creating a deeper gaming experience.

Call Of Duty Will Take The Fight To Space 1

In Infinite Warfare, players will face off against The Settlement Defense Front (The Front), a splinter group of insurgents that broke away from the United Nations Space Alliance during a war of secession, years ago. According to the release, “In the world of Call of Duty:Infinite Warfare, our planet has been stripped of its natural assets through population growth and industrial expansion. The people of Earth now rely upon colonies throughout the solar system to mine planets and asteroids for necessary fuel and other resources.”

While my initial worry for Infinite Warfare was that the big space battle would be one or two missions, while the remainder would be set in traditional shooter space, Infinity Ward ensures us that, “air and space combat are a key aspect of the campaign. Players will experience new combat scenarios and environments that add tremendous variety and excitement to the single-player campaign.” Supposedly added to the campaign will be a massive warship called “The Retribution,” which will serve as the player’s home as they journey through the solar system. The Retribution will house the player’s crew and players will come to rely on and be responsible for it.

Call Of Duty Will Take The Fight To Space

In addition to The Retribution, players will be able to pilot their own advanced space combat jet-fighter known as a “Jackal.” Players will be able to customize and upgrade their Jackal throughout the campaign.

Of course, no Call of Duty experience would be complete without multiplayer. Infinite Warfare will feature” an evolution of Call of Duty’s movement system with an emphasis on front-line engagement. It rewards players for utilizing their surroundings and applying strategy in the heat of the moment.” Along with online multiplayer, Infinite Wars will also include a new zombie mode with a new story, and new gameplay mechanics.

Call Of Duty Will Take The Fight To Space 2

For those who purchase the Legacy or Legacy Pro Edition, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 Remastered will come included. COD: MW4 will offer a true high-definition experience, featuring enhanced textures, physically based rendering, high-dynamic range lighting and much more to bring a new generation experience to fans.

Call of Duty has come a long way from being a fairly repetitive, reliable release in the modern military shooter genre. It’s truly refreshing and exciting to see it getting a little more creative and a little more inventive in their gameplay and atmospheres. For the first time in a while, I’m actually excited for a new Call of Duty.

EA and DICE Erase History in Battlefield 1

EA and DICE Erase History in Battlefield 1

When I first heard that Battlefield 1 would be taking place during the First World War, I greeted the news with great trepidation.

The First World War is an enormous subject of interest to me. While I was excited that the conflict was finally getting some recognition, I was hesitant to believe that any game could both do justice to the unfathomable conditions that the soldiers fought in, while also making it a “fun” videogame. Let’s be honest. From a gameplay perspective, there aren’t a lot of options in regards to vehicles and weaponry to be found in the First World War. This would be a shock to the system of a generation of players used to assault rifles, rocket launchers and airstrikes. Compounding that was my concern that a videogame based off such a colossal and disgusting waste of life would take away from the gravity and seriousness the topic deserves.

“Whatever”, I thought, “who knows? Maybe the devs will pull this off.”

EA and DICE Erase History in Battlefield 1 1As of today, neither of those issues are on my mind. What is currently bothering me, to an extent that I’ve never been bothered by a videogame before, was the announcement that neither Russia nor France would be playable factions in the game.

What were they even thinking? This is pathetic, EA and Dice. This isn’t just a minor misstep. This is offensive to a degree I didn’t think possible for me to feel. Look, I understand that the game is clearly aimed at an American audience. And while the Americans were barely in the war, they needed to be a focus in order to hook the uneducated, patriotic and naive group of gamers that only buy war games so they can shoot enemies of the US from the safety of their own home. But the exclusion of the two nations that suffered that greatest loss of life in the conflict (on the Entente side), and the French, who fought from literally the first day to the last day and accepted surrender, ON THEIR SOIL, is mind-boggling.

I cannot overemphasize the word “disgusting” here.

How about some statistics to help elucidate my rage:

  • In the very first month of the war, the French suffered 329,000 casualties. THE VERY FIRST MONTH.
  • The Russian casualties for the war are beyond staggering, totaling a mind-destroying 9+ million.
  • In the entirety of the United State’s involvement, the nation suffered 320-350,000.

Now, I want to be clear. In no way am I attempting to minimize or belittle the efforts put forth or losses suffered by the Americans. They were a vital and essential ally that fought bravely, and it could be argued the war would have continued for many more years without their intervention.

EA and DICE Erase History in Battlefield 1 2On the other hand, another interesting fact to note is that one of the game’s most touted historical features is the inclusion of the Harlem Hellfighters—a group of courageous African-Americans who never lost an inch of ground and not a man was ever captured. What the developers fail to mention is that the Harlem Hellfighters were forced to fight with the French because many American soldiers refused to fight alongside black soldiers. You want to focus on the American side of things? Fine, I get that. But do it properly.

No France, and no Russia…This stomach-churning oversight might be temporary, as the two nations might be included in some future DLC, but the choice not to include them in the core game as a major focus is infuriating, and yes, I’ll say it again, disgusting.

I get mad about lots of things when it comes to videogames. Half the reason I write gaming articles is as a method of catharsis to unleash my rage and irritation in a constructive manner. But really, in the grand scheme of things, crappy framerates or micro-transactions are minor grievances specific to the industry.

EA and DICE Erase History in Battlefield 1 3This though? This bothers me. When dealing with such an important and tragic event, due process needs to be implemented. I get fudging historical accuracy when it comes to making the gameplay more exciting by changing the weapons a little. But to gloss over incredible bravery and insane loss of life from two of the most important participants in a war that destroyed nations and wiped out an entire generation is unforgivable.

EA and DICE are erasing history by trivializing one of the most brutal conflicts of the 20