Day: 15 June 2016

Latest Articles From Day: 15 June 2016

CGM E32016 Nintendo Post Show

Jordan and Mel sit down to talk about the two-day experience that was Nintendo's Treehouse Live. They discuss Nintendo's newest […]

The West Just Got More Wild With Wild Guns: Reloaded

Load up your six-shooter and get ready to go back to the wild west with the HD Remaster of the […]

Call Of Duty Will Take the Fight to Space

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare is supposedly, "going back to it's roots," with a strong emphasis on a massive battle between […]

Pixels and Ink: E32016 Special - Day 1

In this week's Pixels and Ink our E3 team talks everything Microsoft (well most things Microsoft). They discuss Sea of […]

EA and DICE Erase History in Battlefield 1

When I first heard that Battlefield 1 would be taking place during the First World War, I greeted the news […]