Layton 7 To Be Formally Announced

Layton 7 To Be Formally Announced 12
| Jun 24, 2016

Besides an interesting crossover with Ace Attorney, it’s been quite a long time since a proper Professor Layton has been released. Three years, in fact, but you can start getting your thinking top hats ready; the new Layton is definitely on the way.

While the game has been confirmed to be in some sort of development for a while, a Level-5 livestream (Covered on Japanese gaming site Game’s Talk and Nintendo blog Perfectly-Nintendo) featuring series creator Akihiro Hino showcased brand new art for a new Professor Layton title. In addition, he confirmed that the game will be formally announced next month at the Level-5 Vision 2016 conference.

Previously confirmed not to feature the titular professor as the protagonist, the new concept art showcases new characters and areas, but still takes place in various European locations, namely London (where the setting of the series has been firmly established). This is not the first look at the game, either. While first announced back in 2013, Layton 7 was talked about at last year’s Level-5 Vision conference with a drastically different, multiplayer style of play created for Android and iOS.

Layton 7 To Be Formally Announced 10

Whether or not this new Layton will follow what we previously know about Layton 7 or not remains to be seen, but series fans can look definitely forward to an announcement next month along with a new Inazuma Eleven title. Level-5 Vision 2016 will be on July 27th