Bioshock Collection Leaked on 2K Site

| Jun 29, 2016
Bioshock Collection Leaked On 2K Site 4

Like many games recently, Bioshock will be getting the HD remaster treatment. An announcement for an HD collection showed up on 2K’s website and while the title has been removed, an official Bioshock twitter has been launched, adding to the speculation.

Bioshock: The Collection has long been in the rumour pipe-line with multiple leaks from retailers and rating boards. Now it seems those rumours are coming to fruition as a screencap, which can be found at Allgamesdelta, shows the listing for Bioshock: The Collection.

Bioshock Collection Leaked On 2K Site

Allgamesdelta also provides a few screenshots for the games. With Bioshock being one of the earlier titles for the Xbox 360, the smoothed textures do make an outdated game look a bit better (it helps that Bioshock‘s level design and atmosphere are hauntingly beautiful).

For those who don’t know, Bioshock was a ground-breaking FPS, and the successor to the critically acclaimed System Shock. It combined fast paced gun combat, with a bit of steampunk and magic mixed in for good measure. Each possessed stunning yet chilling locations, with Bioshock 1 & 2 set in the ruins of an underwater Utopian metropolis, and Bioshock: Infinite set in a city located in the sky, under the tyrannical rule of a Confederate despot.

We’ll have more details on Bioshock: The Collection as they unfold.

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