Gamigo merges with Aeria Games; aquires highdigit

Shakyl LambertJul 5, 2016
Gamigo quires highdigit; merges with Aeria Games

Gamigo continues its takeover of the European gaming industry. The publisher completes its merger with fellow German publisher, Aeria Games. The merger brings a combined 100 million registered users across its platform of 20 multiplayer titles and over 500 casual browser-based games.

In addition, Gamigo acquired tech startup highdigit; gaining over 50+ payment options and monetization for multiplayer titles, additional support for marketing, in-game analysis, and more.

Remco Westermann, Gamigo CEO, commented on the recent acquisitions: “Since 2014, gamigo AG has made more than 10 acquisitions, including technology and games companies as well as individual games assets. Further strategic takeovers by gamigo AG are already planned.”

Gamigo was founded in 2000 in Hamburg. The publisher is best-known for creating several free-to-play MMOs, including Fiesta Online, Last Chaos and the browser-based Pirate Galaxy.