‘Life is Strange’ Episode One will be Free Starting Tomorrow

'Life is Strange' Episode One will be Free Starting Tomorrow
| Jul 20, 2016

Life is Strange is one of those games critics will tell you is a must play, and now there is no excuse not to try it. Starting tomorrow, Life is Strange Episode One will be free on all downloadable platforms. 

With this move, Square Enix is ensuring that people who might have missed out on the game when it first launched, can finally jump in and try it. Anyone who does not currently own the experience can buy all remaining episodes for around $16.99, down from the cost of $19.99 previously for the season pass.

In an announcement on the Offical Playstation Blog Luc Baghadoust, the producer on the game explained that “Life is Strange has been an incredible success for Square Enix and the response we’ve had from players so far has been incredible.” He goes on to say that “The release of this first episode for free and in turn seeing so many more people begin their journey into Arcadia Bay is something we’ve therefore really been looking forward to.”

Life is Strange developed by Dontod Entertainment and published by Square Enix has won numerous awards including BAFTA for best story. You will be able to download the episode free from July 21st onwards on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, Xbox One and Xbox 360.