Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition Foregoes Season Pass

Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector's Edition Foregoes Season Pass 2
| Aug 18, 2016

It’s no secret that video game pre-orders a slowly becoming a thing of the past. With the popularity of digital distributors such as Steam and Good Old Games, an avid gamer can get their hands on virtually any new release on day one. To compensate for this, the pre-orders of today need to pack a little extra punch. A sound track, an art book, some collectible figurines, something to make the collector inside of us leap with joy. That is exactly what the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition does, save for one key point.

Final Fantasy Xv Ultimate Collector'S Edition Foregoes Season Pass

Square-Enix’s online store front offers the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition up for roughly 270 hard-earned dollars. It promises, in a package larger than a small child, a steelbook containing the game’s soundtrack as well as the animated series Brotherhood, a 192 page artbook, an exclusive character costume, some bonus content, some in game item packs, a copy of Kingsglaive (The film showing a parallel side story to the main game), and, of course, the game itself. Only 30,000 of these are available, and it will not include a season pass.

To be fair, that is a lot of stuff, and, if the Brotherhood series is any indication, it all may be the high quality stuff of a collector’s dreams. However, a 25 dollar season pass has already been confirmed, consisting of several character episode packs, an expansion pack, as well as console exclusives. Its absence seems to be counter to the way Square-Enix has been marketing the game, remaining relatively open about recent delays and giving the fans a great deal of supplemental material in the form of demos and the well-received animated series.

The tweet from Final Fantasy XV’s official twitter account can be found here. Final Fantasy XV  is set to release on November 29