BioWare May Have Major News at PlayStation Meeting, Tweets Suggest

BioWare May Have Major News At Today's PlayStation Meeting, Tweets Suggest 1
| Sep 7, 2016

Today marks Sony’s big PlayStation Meeting at 3 p.m. ET. Hosted at the PlayStation Theater in Manhattan, it’s expected to be full of major announcements from Sony. But it’s also a day that may be full of surprises. Earlier this week, rumours broke out that Red Dead Redemption might be seeing a PlayStation 4 and PC remaster. Now, a handful of tweets from BioWare developers suggest that we may see some Mass Effect or Dragon Age news from EA’s studio.

According to Design & Art head Alistair McNally, “some surprises are in store” during the PlayStation Meeting today. Interestingly enough, GameSpot confirmed that McNally changed his profile and Twitter background to Dragon Age-themed artwork after making his tweet. Meanwhile, Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay designer Manveer Heir also chimed in, suggesting that today would be “a fun day,” with Mass Effect Creative Director asking YouTuber BioFan to “stay tuned” for major news at the Sony press conference. A list of tweets from BioWare developers are included below for your own personal judgment:

With tweets from Mass Effect: Andromeda and Dragon Age developers coming out over the past 24 hours, BioWare seems to be hinting at something big during today’s PlayStation Meeting. Come this November, it will be two years since Dragon Age: Inquisition hit store shelves, meaning a new installment might not be far off. Not to mention, fans have been dying for a glimpse at Mass Effect: Andromeda since E3 2016’s trailer. With the game’s release date pushed to 2017, Q4 of 2016 might be the perfect opportunity to start building excitement over the game.

It’s hard to say for certain what BioWare has planned, or if they have anything planned at all. But we’ll know for certain later today, once the PlayStation Meeting starts in New York City. In the meantime, stay tuned. We’ll be hosting coverage on CGMagazine throughout the day, covering everything from hardware announcements to game titles. Just in case.