Action Against Hunger Launches Stream Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger Launches Stream Against Hunger
| Sep 13, 2016

Action Against Hunger is a powerhouse of an organization. Since 1979, the non-profit has aimed to assist malnourished children, on top of giving communities clean drinking water and long-term plans to combat hunger. Now, they’re asking videogame players to lend their hand.

Launching in August, the organization has started Stream Against Hunger. The first campaign lasted for thirty-six hours straight, without breaks. Now, more have joined in, and even more are encouraged to join. Streamers can create a fundraising page, which they’ll direct fans, friends and family to in order to pitch in money. Participants will be able to use all sorts of streaming outlets, too, including Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live.

The aim of this particular campaign is to provide aid to children in Borneo, Nigeria.

“The funds raised by these five gamers will be used to fund Action Against Hunger’s emergency programs in Borno State, northeast Nigeria,” says an Action Against Hunger press release, “where an estimated 250,000 children are suffering from acute malnutrition: the UN has warned that 49,000 could die this year in Borno if they don’t receive immediate help.”

Numbers-wise, Action Against Hunger hopes to hit $45,000 (USD) by September 30. During the last major push, $11,500 was raised, which was then matched by Republic of Tea. This added up to a grand total of $23,000, which guaranteed over 500 kids getting aid they need.

If you stream games, you should definitely consider joining this event. If you don’t, now is a perfect time to start. One of the best parts of this community is when we can come together for a great cause, and help those less fortunate than us. Look for members of the CGM staff putting up streams in the coming days for this great cause, and consider putting one up yourself. Every little bit counts, and every little bit helps a kid get a shot they might not otherwise.

Click here to participate.