More Beyond Good & Evil 2 Concept Art Hits Instagram

| Sep 30, 2016
More Beyond Good & Evil 2 Concept Art Hits Instagram

Earlier this week, CGMagazine reported on Michel Ancel’s concept art Instagram post, hinting at a brand new Beyond Good & Evil. Showcasing a mechanic with scraggly hair and a piglet in a hoodie, the post set off major speculation across the industry. Of course, it wasn’t the first time for Ancel’s project: rumours have been flying around for years about its timeline and completion, and the post issued at just the right time to get fans excited for the possibility of a Beyond Good & Evil origin story. But Ancel isn’t planning to post just one image and leave. On his Instagram, he’s now shared a second concept art photo: this time, of a giant anthropomorphic shark promoted by Buzzoid.

“‘Ready for the fight’ independence #ubisoft day,” the Instagram post reads. The image features a buff shark wearing some form of mechanic’s clothes, complete with a set of tools in their front. The post also follows in the footsteps of Ancel’s previous concept art by teasing circumstances around the setting. Beyond that, little is known about this character’s role in the plot.

Speculation hit earlier this year that the upcoming Beyond Good & Evil would release exclusively for the Nintendo NX. While the rumour hasn’t exactly been confirmed, Ancel’s teasing does line up with the timeline of the Nintendo NX. With 6 months to go until the NX officially releases, and analysts speculating that a Nintendo NX reveal is imminent, Ancel’s posts could be gearing Ubisoft up for a major announcement next year. Or Ancel might simply be getting fans excited for the upcoming game, showing them that progress is being made.

It’s hard to say either way until more news comes out or Ubisoft officially confirms Beyond Good & Evil 2. Until then, stay tuned. It seems Ancel is set on giving fans teasers and hints about the new title along the way.

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