Day: Oct 21, 2016


Red Dead Redemption 2 will get early access to “online content” on PS4

Recently, Sony announced a partnership with Rockstar Games that would give PlayStation 4 players “first access to earn select online content” in Rockstar’s forthcoming Red Dead Redemption 2. The press release mentions “the vast open world of Red Dead Redemption 2” and “a brand new online multiplayer experience,” but it’s unclear if that means the game will receive…


DDoS Attacks Impede Battlefield 1 Launch

If you’ve been having some problems with your internet today, that junky old router covered in cat hair might not be the problem (though you should still clean that thing). Popular digital destinations all over the web today have been the victim of a DDoS attack on the DNS provider Dyn. Affected websites include Twitter….


Nintendo Switch Won’t Feature Physical Backwards Compatibility, Famitsu Reports

Nintendo Switch was revealed earlier this week, and the gaming community has been eager to hear more news about the console’s upcoming features. Its worldwide unveiling, of course, features a hybrid on-the-go gaming tablet alongside a dedicated console with high-end graphics output. But current-generation Nintendo fans might be a tad disappointed with the Switch’s content…


Poor Sales Continue as Quantum Break Hits Steam

Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break just can’t quite break free of its mediocre sales. When the game first came out in April for PC and Xbox One, the time-manipulation action-oriented platforming title was critically acclaimed among reviewers as a proper spiritual successor to Remedy’s Alan Wake. This makes sense, of course: The time mechanics in Quantum…

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Netflix Black Mirror S3 Preview

For years Black Mirror was a special bit of British speculative science fiction nihilism that seemed like something made specifically for cult appeal. The seasons were short even by UK TV standards, coming out only in two separate batches of three episodes each (plus an anthology Christmas special that weaved three more tales into a…