The Results for the Canadian Videogame Awards (CVA) 2016

Canadian Videogame Awards (CVA) Results

The eyes of the entire game industry were on Montreal, QC. for the Canadian Videogame Awards (or known as the CVA) on Nov 16, 2016. As the third largest producer of videogame content in the world, the purpose was simple, celebrate Canadian games, or at least games developed in Canada, made by Canadians.

Canadian Videogame Awards ResultsThere were twenty categories for the CVAs, with many games making their way across most of them, and winning multiple categories. The winner of the night was Eidos-Montreal’s hit Deus Ex: Mankind Divided as it was nominated for 10 categories, walking away with five CVAs in “Best Console Game”, “Best Game Design”, “Best Narrative”, “Best Performance”, and “Game of The Year”. There was a slightly awkward acceptance when the voice of Adam Jensin and host of the CVAs Elias Toufexis was awarded the “Best Performance Award”, however.

Canadian Videogame Awards Results 1Although Deus Ex: Mankind Divided did the best across the board, the CVAs highlighted some smaller studios with some unexpected wins. Cloudhead Games Inc. walked away with three CVAs for their title The Gallery- Episode: Call of the Starseed, with nominations in nine categories, winning three CVAs in “Best Virtual Reality Game”, “Best Game Innovation”, and “Best Technology”.  Another notable title of the night was Thunder Lotus Games’ Jotun: Valhalla Edition, which was nominated for six categories, winning two for “Best Art Direction”, and “Best Debut Game”. Drinkbox Studios’ Severed was nominated for eight categories winning two awards in “Best Mobile/Handheld”, and “Best Musical Score” as well. The other title that walked away with multiple awards was Behaviour Digital’s Multiplayer Survival Horror game Dead By Daylight wining two of its five nominations, walking away with “Best New Character” for the Trapper, and “Fan’s Choice Award: Canadian-Made Game”.

Other winners of the night were Spearhead Games’ Stories: The Path of Destinies for “Best PC Game”, Ubisoft Montreal’s Far Cry: Primal for “Best Art Direction”, EA Canada’s NHL 17 “Best Audio”, Alien Traps’ Moodbox for “Best Educational Game”, and Crystal Dynamic’s Rise of The Tomb Raider for “Fan’s Choice Award: Best International Game”.

Canadian Videogame Awards Results 2

The night was not without controversy however. During the announcement of the “Game of the Year Nominees” seven out of the 11 nominees were not announced, leaving the Eidos- Montreal team to congratulate the studios for their work. 

AMD & Intel Lose Market Shares, NVIDIA Increases 2.2% in Q3

AMD & Intel Lose Market Shares, NVIDIA Increases 2.2% in Q3

Q2 2016 suggested that AMD would be facing a strong year for the company. A press release reporting on the company’s standings back in August revealed a 13.5 per cent share of the graphics chip market, while NVIDIA saw a 2.8 per cent drop. Now those numbers have nearly reversed. According to Jon Peddie Research, NVIDIA saw a 2.2 per cent increase in Q3, whereas Intel lost 1.6 per cent of the market and AMD saw a 0.6 per cent loss.

In total, AMD holds 13 per cent of the GPU market, Intel has 70.9 per cent, and NVIDIA has earned 16.1 percent. NVIDIA’s increases are tied with a 39.3 per cent PC graphics shipment increase from Q2 as well, suggesting NVIDIA is moving units quite well. “It was one of, if not the best quarter in NVIDIA’s history, which the company attributes to the strong acceptance and demand for its new Pascal line of graphics chips and boards,” Jon Peddie Research wrote. “The company’s share price is at an all-time high.”

It seems like PC sales are largely tied into gaming sales as well. According to the report, the PC market “rose in Q3 from the previous quarter,” suggesting that the “quarter to quarter gain” the PC field is experiencing is largely thanks to the gaming industry. “PC suppliers are seeing growth in gaming desktops and notebooks, and hope this will offset the slowdown in overall PC shipments,” Jon Peddie Research wrote. This led the organization to suggest the gaming market “is lifting the entire PC market and has overwhelmed the console market.”

Jon Peddie Research argued that the gaming industry will continue to boost the market, especially through “the promise of Virtual Reality.” It’s hard to say whether VR will enormously improve PC sales, but it seems PC gaming is gaining a stronger foothold on the market every day. This could spell more products available for PC players across technology stores, from GPU upgrades to pre-built machines. While it’s tough to say at the moment, Q4 will certainly confirm the direction that NVIDIA, AMD and Intel are headed, in the meantime. Stay tuned as the holiday shopping season enters full swing.

EA Introducing Disclosure Requirements for YouTube, Twitch, Twitter

EA Introducing Disclosure Requirements for YouTubers, Twitch Streamers, Twitter

Video content has been booming in the gaming community recently, with let’s players, reviewers, streamers and comedians turning to sites such as YouTube and Twitch to reach their fans. Of course, because of the informal nature that both of these platforms encourage, issues with private endorsements have arisen in recent years. In an attempt to push back against that issue, EA is requiring any content sponsored by the company to be disclosed explicitly, according to an official post by EA on their German site.

Originally covered on NeoGAF with translated information provided by user w3bba, the post notes that any user collaborating with EA for producing content must disclose their relationship with the publisher. Multimedia content producers can also use two new PNG labels created by the company to disclose their connection to EA. They read “Supported by EA” and “Advertisement,” both with the EA logo attached.

Disclosure comes in two forms. Content creators that receive some form of support from EA, such as press invitations or payment for travel, must include a “Supported by EA” watermark or “#supportedbyEA” hashtag. Meanwhile, content with EA’s direct influence is labeled as an advertisement and must be reported with the “Advertisement” watermark or “#advertisement” hashtag. This includes Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts.

EA insists these disclosure terms reinforce their “Players First” motto, supporting transparency by allowing viewers to easily distinguish conflicts of interest at play. The watermark files are also easily available from EA on the post, giving content creators an approachable way to start disclosing their connections if they haven’t already. Analyst Daniel Ahmad pointed out that EA’s move takes a stand against the access gap in which “social media influencers” are given faster opportunities to play the latest releases before initial release hype cools off.

EA’s move towards explicit disclosure may cause a ripple effect in the industry, too. With press, publisher and developer relations remaining a hot button issue throughout the gaming community, EA’s move towards transparency may encourage other publishers to follow the company’s lead by creating their own ethics policies. Time will tell as German YouTubers, Twitch streamers and Twitter advertisers take their first steps towards disclosing their connections to EA.

PlayStation 4 Pro Sales Account for 70 Per Cent of Recent PS4 Units

Media Create: PlayStation 4 Pro Sales Account for 70 Per Cent of All PS4 Units

The PlayStation 4 Pro launched Nov 10th to critical acclaim from reviewers, with many suggesting that Sony’s latest offering is the perfect choice for any newcomer to the Japanese company’s console offerings. Initially met with skepticism, the console is gradually seeing early adopters. At least, reports from PlayStation 4 Pro’s launch week suggest that the Pro is a popular choice among Japanese consumers. According to statistics from Media Create reported by Famitsu, the console sold over 65,194 units with total PlayStation 4 sales charting over 90,000 total purchases in Japan since Nov 7, 2016.

Prior to the PlayStation 4 Pro’s release, the PS4 only sold 32,041 units. With the Pro coming in, however, the total number of PlayStation 4 units sold on the market jumped to 92,344. Because 65,194 of those units are actually PS4 Pro sales, that leaves 27,150 sales from alternate PlayStation 4 offerings. In other words, over 70 per cent of last week’s PS4 purchases were compromised of PlayStation 4 Pro sales.

Analyst Daniel Ahmad chimed in with some commentary on the PlayStation 4 Pro’s sales in a series of tweets. While he feels Japan is facing a “dying console market,” he was still impressed by the device’s performance in Japan, suggesting that the Pro “seems to be meeting expectations for Sony in growing the overall numbers of PS4’s being sold.” But he did acknowledge that Sony’s 20 million target for the end of the fiscal year would be tight.

Sony has certainly invested their time and energy into making sure the PlayStation 4 Pro competes well on the market. For Andrew House, it’s a machine intended to compete with the PC, which traditionally takes an upswing over console owners during a console’s mid-cycle years. Whether the PS4 Pro will actually have room to stand out against the PC, though, is still an open question. Check back as more news on consumer behavior is revealed over the next couple of months.

Marvel Announces Inhumans TV Series for Fall 2017

Marvel Announces Inhumans TV Series for Fall 2017

Marvel Television announced plans to bring the Inhumans to ABC as a television series in 2017 as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The story is confirmed to follow the mute hero Black Bolt and his royal family, but details on the cast and showrunner are yet to be announced. In a completely new release strategy for television, the first two episodes will be shown exclusively in IMAX theaters for two weeks at the beginning of September 2017. The series will then run weekly in the fall on ABC, with exclusive content that can only be seen on the network.

Originally created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the Inhumans are primitive humans who were experimented on by the alien Kree race – who are already established in the MCU via appearances in Guardians of the Galaxy and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – and given advanced intelligence. The Kree forgot about their creations and eventually they formed their own civilization in a walled city on an island in the Atlantic sea. They discovered a substance called “terrigen” that gave them superpowers or bizarre appearances, and based their entire culture around their use. The series follows Black Bolt, the king of the Inhumans whose voice is so powerful that he destroys cities when he speaks, and other members of his Royal Family.

Marvel initially announced an Inhumans film to be released in 2019, but after a delay it was taken off the release calendar entirely. The Inhuman race has been crucial in the plot of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., though it is unknown if this series will connect to other Marvel television offerings. This will be Marvel’s third show on ABC, after the still running Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the cancelled Agent Carter, and joins Iron Fist, The Punisher, Cloak and Dagger and Runaways on Marvel’s announced upcoming TV slate.

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