Final Fantasy XV Sees Strong Start in UK, But Can’t Beat FIFA 17

Final Fantasy XV Sees Strong Start in UK, But Can't Beat FIFA 17

Final Fantasy XV launched across the globe on Nov. 29, performing quite well in Japan amidst its opening days. United Kingdom sales reports from GfK Chart-Track reveal the Square Enix hit’s release is doing well, but still can’t quite knock EA’s FIFA 17 off the number one slot.

According to GfK Chart-Track’s records for the week of Nov. 28Final Fantasy XV holds second place for UK sales, beating out Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare at third and topping Battlefield 1 at fourth. Pokémon Sun and Moon have dropped to ninth and eighth, respectively, while Watch Dogs 2 holds onto its sixth place ranking.

While Final Fantasy XV had a strong showing overall, the numbers behind its UK launch become a bit more complicated when comparing the game’s PlayStation 4 release to its Xbox One version. GfK Chart-Track’s software chart for Xbox One titles places Final Fantasy XV at sixth place, falling behind both Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. For Xbox One sales, Forza Horizon 3 takes the lead, whereas FIFA 17 rests at second place. PlayStation 4 sales, meanwhile, report Final Fantasy XV at the number one spot, beating out FIFA 17. This coincides with a post from, which notes 79% of all UK Final Fantasy XV sales were on PS4.

The sales figure discrepancy makes sense in the long-term. Alongside its estranged handheld cousin, the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4 has been a generous host to JRPGs and Japanese hits for years. For fans of Japanese media, a Sony purchase is often considered a basic necessity, even though games such as Capcom’s Dead Rising series have traditionally found a home on Xbox. Plus, with Final Fantasy VII‘s roots in PlayStation and many Final Fantasy fans being PlayStation owners, the PS4 may be seen as the definitive console for purchasing a copy. As Japanese and American sales numbers roll in, time will tell how the gaming community approaches Final Fantasy XV.