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Apple Q1 2017 Earnings: Record Quarterly Sales

Apple Q1 2017 Earnings: Record Quarterly Sales

Apple  ([stock_quote symbol=”NASDAQ: AAPL” show=”symbol”]) reported strong quarterly earnings for Q1 2017 with quarterly revenue of $78.4 billion and all-time record quarterly earnings per diluted share of $3.36. Apple also managed to move 78.3 million iPhones over the last quarter, ending December 31, 2016.

These are impressive profits for any company, but very interesting when compared to the $75.9 billion in revenue and $3.28 per diluted share for the same quarter last year. Their operating income came in at $17.89 billion for for the past quarter, with operating expenses of just under $7 Billion.

“We’re thrilled to report that our holiday quarter results generated Apple’s highest quarterly revenue ever, and broke multiple records along the way. We sold more iPhones than ever before and set all-time revenue records for iPhone, Services, Mac and Apple Watch,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “Revenue from Services grew strongly over last year, led by record customer activity on the App Store, and we are very excited about the products in our pipeline.”

“Our outstanding business performance resulted in a new all-time record for earnings per share, and over $27 billion in operating cash flow,” said Luca Maestri, Apple’s CFO. “We returned nearly $15 billion to investors through share repurchases and dividends during the quarter, bringing cumulative payments through our capital return program to over $200 billion.”

Apple went on to give investor guidance for the second quarter of 2017. They are projecting revenue between $51.1 billion and 53.5 billion, with a gross margin between 38 percent and 39 percent. Apple is also expecting operating expenses between $6.5 billion and $6.6 billion. There is a projected other income/(expense) of $400 million along with a tax rate of 26 percent.

Apples board of directors has declared a cash dividend of $0.57 per share of the Company’s common stock, with the dividend to be on February 16, 2017 to the shareholders on record as of close of business February 13, 2017.

Apple continues to be a juggernaut in the tech sector, with sales most companies would only dream of achieving. With the consistent demand for the flagship iPhone line of products, and the mobile sector continuing to be a space to watch, Apple is in a good place as they move forward into 2017.

New Morrowind Expansion for Elder Scrolls Online 1

New Morrowind Expansion for Elder Scrolls Online

Game developer and publisher Bethesda announced a new expansion for Elder Scrolls Online, Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind.  

The game will return to the island of Vvardenfell and will include over 30 hours of gameplay with a new setting, class, PvP mode, trial mode and much more from the expansion.

The expansion is set over 700 years before the events before the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. According to ESO, the fate of Morrowind hangs in the balance and you must take up the mantle of a hero alongside Vivec, the legendary warrior-poet and Guardian of Vvardenfell, save the world from a deadly Daedric threat.

This is the largest addition to the ESO franchise to date. For those who already own ESO, they can simply upgrade their experience and immediately jump into the new chapter when it launches. They can either choose their characters over to Morrowind or start fresh with a brand new character.

The expansion introduces a new class, Warden. The Warden class wields powerful nature-based magic. The new trailer showcases the War Bear, the Warden’s combat ally.

Morrowind also introduces a new Trial and PvP mode for players to dive into. The trial mode will consist of 12-player trial where players and their allies have to battle through the Halls of Fabrication. The PvP mode will be 4v4v4 battles in arena like environments where teams will fight against each other in fast paced matches.

There will be four different editions of Morrowind available at launch, the Standard Edition, the Upgrade Edition, the Digital Collector’s Edition and a physical Collector’s edition. The Standard edition will include the expansion and the Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited and the Upgrade edition allows existing players to upgrade their current game to unlock the new expansion content. The Digital Collector’s Edition and Collector’s Edition will include in game bonuses.

Fans who pre order the game will also be rewarded with a collection of exclusive in game bonuses that include Treasures Maps and Exclusive Warden Costume to name a few. The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind launches on June 6, 2017 to PC, Mac, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

"Star Trek: Discovery" Production Began in Toronto Last Week

Production for Star Trek: Discovery Begins

CBS issued an announcement earlier today that their production for the TV show Star Trek: Discovery has begun. The production started in Toronto, and as previously announced, the first episode of the series will premiere on CTV on the same night as CBS. Remaining episodes will initially be televised on Bell Media’s cable networks: on Space in English, and on Z in French. Later, the episodes will be available for exclusive stream on CraveTV, Bell Media’s Video-On-Demand service. Internationally, the show will be distributed concurrently by CBS Studios International on Netflix, reaching 188 countries.

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Open Beta Launched for Heavy Metal Machines

Open Beta Launched for Heavy Metal Machines

Game developer Hoplon has announced  Heavy Metal Machines will begin its open beta today.

Heavy Metal Machines is a game of vehicular combat where high armed cars compete in an arena to capture a bomb in the middle of it and then deliver the bomb to the enemy team’s three times.

The game has been in closed beta testing for months and is now ready to reveal its unique brand of car combat and MOBA action for a bigger group of fans. The open beta will introduce a number of significant upgrades that will will include an all new character.

The new character is Photon, a real tech head. Her vehicle in the arena is one of the most advanced support units in the game. It’s a support unit that is capable of healing teammates, and is covered in individual solar panels that draw power to charge its Sparkling Engine. This technology allows the character to not only move at high speeds, but make Photon and her car as elusive as light itself.

Hoplon is also adding some new features to that will improve upon the experience that players in the close beta got to take part in. The features include a new player game guide, voice chat and Russian localization.

The player game guide will include the most basic commands from “how to move your car” to more in depth knowledge about droppers and goals. Voice chat will allow players to communicate with their team without the need of any external software. All they have to do is hold a key and they’re able to ask for a bomb pass or announce that their ultimate is up and ready to cause damage in the arena. Russian localization means Heavy Metal Machines is now 100 per cent localized to the Russian language.

Fans can sign up for the open beta by visiting the Heavy Metal Machines website.

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