Joy-Con Controllers for Nintendo Switch Detailed

| Jan 13, 2017
Joy-Con Controllers for Nintendo Switch Detailed

Details on the detachable Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch were revealed today during the Switch presentation in Japan.

Each Switch tablet comes with two detachable Joy-Con controllers on both the right and left side. Despite their small size, the Joy-Con controllers can be used as two separate controllers for multiplayer, but they can also be attached to the Joy-Con Grip, a separate device that can be used for a more traditional controller without the screen.

Motion controls are back as both as both Joy-Con controllers have built-in gyro sensors and an accelerometer. An attachable wrist strap will also be made available, similar to those found on last generation’s Wii Remote.

Each Joy-Con controller will feature an SL and SR Button on the side that was once attached to the main tablet, allowing players to use the controllers sideways. The left Joy-Con controller will feature a button that allows you to snap photos and capture videos as you play, allowing you to share screenshots on social media.

Nintendo also announced that the Joy-Con controllers will feature “HD Rumble,” using advanced haptic feedback that will allow you to precisely feel rumbles that simulate feelings like dropping ice cubes into a glass or the feeling of water filling a cup.

The right Joy-Con controller has a few more features than its counterpart. An IR motion camera can be found on the right controller that can be used as pointer to indicate hand motions and distance. The same controller will also feature an NFC reader can scan in all those amiibos you collected in the last two years.

Two additional colours in the form of Neon Blue and Neon Red are also set to be released. On launch date, the Switch will feature one version with the standard grey controllers, while a second version will feature a combo package of both the Neon Blue and Neon Red colours.

The Nintendo Switch is set to release worldwide on Mar 3, 2017 for a suggested retail price of $299 USD.

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