MOBA Spellsouls: Duel of Legends annouced for Android and iOS

MOBA Spellsouls: Duel of Legends annouced for Android and iOS 1
| Jan 23, 2017

Serbian developer Nordeus has gotten traction in the past with its mobile soccer game Top Eleven, but now they jump into the MOBA market with Spellsouls: Duel of Legend for Android and iOS. This is hardly the first mobile MOBA to hit the scene, but Nordeus is confident that its intense three-minute battles and strategic depth with help Spellsouls distinguish itself as a worthwhile experience built specifically with mobile devices in mind.

Spellsouls pits two players against each other in a MOBA styled arena, utilizing a deck of cards to spawn minions and attack each other’s bases. The integration of a customizable deck of ability cards is an interesting choice in a genre that has gotten a great deal of attention recently. Its hard to say if such a play-style will allow for the flexibility that can be necessary in this sort of environment.

“We set out to ensure that Spellsouls builds on our strengths in competitive gaming to bring players a true blend of game genres that balances fast action and deep strategy,” said Ivan Stojisavljevis, co-founder and CTO of Nordeus. “We’re bringing a lot of knowledge and expertise gained from years developing and rinning Top Eleven and Spellsouls; with AAA production values and deep engagement as our two highest priorites.”

On paper, it’s hard not to see comparisons to Supercell’s own card-based MOBA style mobile title, Clash Royale, though Spellsouls promises to be a much grittier, character focused affair, with myriad different Spellcasters lobbing powerful at each other. Whether Nordeus’ previous success in the mobile market has truly prepared the company to enter such a popular genre remains to be seen, but they certainly are confident. Spellsouls: Duel of Legends has soft launched for iOS in select parts of the world, and more details  should come soon as Spellsouls prepares to grace your smartphone.