Sony Announces 1TB PS4 Slim Version

Sony Announces 1TB PS4 Slim Version
| Apr 18, 2017

There is absolutely no doubt about it, Sony is milking the success of their PlayStation 4 video game console. They made huge noise when they released their PS4 Pro, which is an enhanced version of the console. Now, they have unveiled new slim version with an extended 1TB of hard drive space.

Sony announced this news and revealed that the price would be $299.99 MSRP ($379.99 CDN). As far as when to expect it, the company said it would be arriving in stores sometime this month. Outside of including double the hard drive space of the original slim, it will also include a DualShock 4 Wireless Controller, power cable, HDMI cord, USB charging cable and a wired mono headset.

Sony Announces 1Tb Ps4 Slim Version 1

However, this release is all about the 1TB of hard drive space that comes with this slim PlayStation 4. Anyone who understands computers and hard drive space would probably believe that 500 GB (which was the total of the original slim) would be sufficient enough for a light player. However, the more advanced video games become, the more data they use. Simply installing games on the PlayStation 4 console can drain the available hard drive space in no time.

Now, it is possible to use external hard drives to store the PlayStation 4 data in, but that requires investing in one. As the new PlayStation 4 Slim is around the same retail price as the original, new fans would be smart to invest their money into this version. In due time, though, it will be intriguing to see if Sony decides to end production for the original slim and have this be the official replacement. With the success that the PlayStation4 has garnered in its lifespan, always stay tuned because Sony could make an upgraded version at any time.