Capcom Announces Additional Beta to their Fighters Network

Capcom Announces Additional Beta to their Fighters Network
| May 1, 2017

Capcom has just announced that they are continuing their quest to ensure that their Fighters Network runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. To accomplish this feat, they are going to run another beta for the network; with no charge to those who choose to do so.

The beta is slated to run from May 11, 2017 to May 14, 2017 and will be accessible to both PC and PlayStation 4 players. Outside of being able to experience all the alterations and updates to the network, players will also get a sneak peek at the upcoming DLC character for Season 2. However, as soon as the beta closes, online data will cease to exist and access to the DLC character will be restricted.

There is set to be various updates and modifications when this beta officially goes live. A key area that seems to be addressed is the loading issues. In this beta, the loading times for online matches will be improved (will take less time to find an opponent) and there will be a shorter transition from Ranked or Causal Match. In addition, in Battle Lounges the Country flags should now load properly.

Other minor updates include being able to add friends to the network (with the ability to blacklist any individuals), improved Fighter statistics on players’ profiles, the ability to filter leaderboards for League and Country, and an improved version of their Rage Quit Penalty System.

It is also important to note that anyone who does not own a copy of Street Fighter V, can still have access to this beta when it goes live on May 11, 2017. As these modifications are set to take the experience to the next level, it may be wise to do so.