Another Valve Writer Steps Down: VR Enthusiast Chet Faliszek

Another Valve Writer Steps Down: VR Enthusiast Chet Faliszek
| May 2, 2017

It seems as if Valve can’t stop taking hits as just recently, yet another one of their prominent employees has decided to step down from the software developer. Chet Faliszek called it a career with Valve.

Faliszek went on record to state that his departure had absolutely nothing to do with drama with Valve; just that he was looking to shake up his career. But, fans should not expect him to be out of a job for long, though there’s no word on where he’ll land next. As of now, Faliszek mentioned how there was no news on his future endeavours but that he would inform the world of when it happens.

Not only was Faliszek responsible for the writing in some of the company’s most prestigious works (Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Portal, Half-Life 2), he also spearheaded Valve’s approach to virtual reality. Oftentimes, he would travel to worldwide events to associate with developers about the limitless potential of virtual reality.

Unfortunately, over the last year in a half, Valve has become accustomed to seeing their top talents step down. Earlier this year, Erik Wolpaw decided to call it quits after spending over a decade with Valve. Wolpaw, much like Faliszek, was amongst the elite when it came to storytelling in video games. Proceeding both, back in early 2016, Marc Laidlaw (who spent 18 years with the company) sent his resignation. The catalyst for this, as Laidlaw stated at the time of his release, was his tiredness of the chaos of game production.