Prey Guide: Tips and Tricks For Your First Playthrough

| May 5, 2017
Prey Guide: Tips and Tricks For Your First Playthrough 1

The new first-person action-adventure game Prey released worldwide today. With the game already being described as a Metroidvania-style title, it’s safe to assume that there are plenty of hidden secrets and useful tips to help players with their journey through the space station Talos I. Here are some of our notes that players should keep in mind when venturing into Prey.

If you’re looking to get the best experience during your first playthrough, completing the game’s side quests is one of the best ways to do so. Many of the quests will send you to new depths within Talos I and as you explore these environments, you’ll find new clues that further expand what exactly is going on in the world of Prey, along with supplies to help ease your struggles.

There are two things you need to remember when playing Prey. First, remember that every choice you make in the game matters. Any interactions made with any of the survivors found on Talos I will affect the game’s story. Another thing to remember is to take move at your own pace and explore freely. With all the different in-game texts to read and things to discover, attentive players will get more out of everything Prey has to offer. This tip extends to finding new weapons and resources. Revisiting areas can lead to this as well along with the discovery of new routes and detours.

A way to make things more convenient is to set your favourite abilities and weapons to the d-pad from the Favorites Wheel. This also applies to med-packs and Psi Hypnos, allowing for quick use.

A vital part of survival in Prey is the Psychoscope. During any Typhon encounter, the Psychoscope can be used collect alien abilities and learn new information. It’s also a good idea to experiment with these powers. Your abilities can be combined together to create new uses against enemies and the environment.

While abilities only require one Neuromod to initially unlock but as your abilities become stronger, so does the amount of Neuromods required to strengthen it. Rather than trying to unlock everything, it’s better to focus on certain skills that work best with your playstyle.

To help your search for dead or alive TranStar Employees, you can find their name in the Security Station computers in certain areas within Talos I. Choosing specific names will let you add an objective marker. Even dead employees are worth searching for with their corpses sometimes holding loot worth taking.

The entire game can be played through without killing any humans or Typhons. Players should be wary of any identical objects next to each other however as one is likely to be a mimic.

As with many games, remember that quicksaves can be made and should be done often to avoid losing progress. If difficulty is too big an issue, remember that the game’s difficulty can be changed at any moment by going into the Options menu.

We hope that these tips help anyone starting out their Talos I space adventure. Prey is available starting today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.  

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