First Futurama Animation in Four Years Unveiled for New Mobile Title

First Futurama Animation in Four Years Unveiled for New Mobile Title
| May 17, 2017

Los Angeles-based mobile game developer, Jam City has revealed a new trailer for their upcoming game Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow, making this the first new animation for the series since it’s conclusion four years ago.

Staying true to the humorous source material, the new game’s advertisement campaign seems to focus on poking fun at the phenomena that people sometimes tend to have while using their smartphones and other devices, which is succumbing to the addictive nature of mobile games and just generally being more distracted and even tending to be in an almost trance-like state.  The tagline used for the game is: “You Will Play” and features a Hypnotoad, a fan favourite character from the television show, that in the show has the ability to put people under suggestion through hypnosis.

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow is being promoted with a new trailer that features all new animated footage done exclusively for the launch of the new title.  The game seems to feature a plethora of gameplay mechanics ranging from travelling through space while keeping tabs on your fuel and other resources, to turn based battles reminiscent of classic roleplaying games.

Fans will be delighted to learn that the game will feature key writers from the show including series creator Matt Groening who will be involved with the project in order to ensure that the new title lives up to the same quality as the TV show.