Day: 26 June 2017

Latest Articles From Day: 26 June 2017

Days Gone E3 2017 Preview - Emergent Excitement

Days Gone is a title that has been featured prominently at E3 during the Sony Press Conference. This is for […]

Bandai Namco Teases New Pac-Man Game

Bandai Namco appears to have something in store for their retro mascot, Pac-Man.

Square Enix Releases Teaser of Final Fantasy XV DLC, "Episode Ignis"

Square Enix has given a release window for the next piece of Final Fantasy XV downloadable content.

Nintendo Officially Unveils SNES Classic, Includes Star Fox 2

Nintendo has officially announced the follow up to the NES Classic with the SNES Classic.

HMD Global Announces Release Date for New Nokia 6 Smartphone

HMD Global announced today that the Nokia 6 will release in the US sometime in July.

Rogue Trooper Redux E3 2017 Preview- Ahead of its Time

When Rebellion announced Rogue Trooper Redux some months ahead of E3 2017, most players didn’t think much of it. It’s […]

Bandai Namco Announces Taiko Rhythm Game for PlayStation 4

Bandai Namco continues its Japanese music game series, Taiko no Tatsujin, on the PlayStation 4.

New Game Based on The Seven Deadly Sins Manga Announced

The popular Japanese manga, The Seven Deadly Sins, will be receiving a video game adaptation for PlayStation 4.

Hunt: Showdown E3 2017 Preview - Evolve Done Right

Despite the recent controversies surrounding Crytek and the state of their future in this industry, the studio is still bringing […]