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Overwatch’s Next Map is Junkertown

Overwatch's Next Map is Junkertown 1
| Aug 21, 2017

Blizzard has announced the next Overwatch update from Gamescom, a new payload/escort map called Junkertown. This map’s name may sound familiar, and for good reason. It has been mentioned in lore as the home of Junkrat and Roadhog, everyone’s favourite violent Aussies.

Junkertown is a sprawling escort map with a Mad Max theme. In lore, Junkertown is the stronghold of the last humans left in Australia after the Omnic plant in their country was destroyed, spreading radiation across the land. The survivors are called Junkers and have holed up in Junkertown, passing time with mech battles (as mentioned on D.Va’s Junker skin and in Junkrat and Roadhog’s character descriptions). The town is ruled by a foreboding Queen who has kicked Junkrat and Roadhog out for their insolence. The duo has returned with what seems to be a truck full of loot, but is actually filled with Junkrat’s favourite thing: explosives. They plan on pushing the payload into the Queen’s throne room and blowing it up to take revenge on her, and now players will be tasked with helping them out with their scheme.

The map’s announcement was accompanied by a new animated short starring our “heroes”, explaining how they got into this mess. It’s humourous, as expected, but instead of full CG like most Overwatch character trailers, this one uses in-game models. It is unknown if this is the new standard or if this even counts as a full character video in the first place, as it’s less about the full backstory of the duo and more an explanation of the map’s relevance.

Junkertown has no official release date, but Blizzard claims it will be “soon”. The last major Overwatch update was the return of the Summer Games and Lucioball from last year, and shortly before that was the introduction of the new hero Doomfist.