Harmonix Switches Things Up with Super Beat Sports

| Aug 29, 2017
Harmonix Switches Things Up with Super Beat Sports 1

Harmonix is back with a new rhythm game for Nintendo Switch owners. Announced today, Super Beat Sports is an upcoming rhythm sports game coming to Nintendo’s console and is expected to come out this fall.

Super Beat Sports is a port of Harmonix’s game Beat Sports, which was originally an Apple TV exclusive.

Included in this version of the game are five different rhythm games for players to try:

  • Buddy Ball
  • Whacky Bat
  • Rhythm Racket
  • Gobble Golf
  • Net Ball

You can check out gameplay of the games in action below.

Players can choose to play solo or with up to three friends. The game supports controls for horizontal or vertical Joy-Cons or the Pro Controller.

The game is already seeing comparisons to another Nintendo property, Rhythm Heaven. From the gameplay footage, Super Beat Sports does carry the same feeling and fans should be right at home with the new games.

Harmonix are the creators behind the franchises Rock Band and Dance Central and are no stranger to these smaller bite-sized offerings. They have created Sing Space, which is a karaoke game for Samsung Gear VR and Oculus systems, and also have a new game releasing in September in partnership with Hasbro, titled Dropmix.

The Switch works well with these kinds of experiences as they lend themselves well to the console’s portable nature. Nintendo has committed itself to supporting these smaller games, which they have collectively referred to as “Nindies.”

While Super Beat Sports might not be the offering that fans wanted from Harmonix, it does bode well for the future of the system. Harmonix games are still great fun and having something with their influence available on the Nintendo Switch is great to have.

To learn more about Super Beat Sports you can check out the website.

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