Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Will Include Indie Crossovers

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Will Include Indie Crossovers
| Aug 30, 2017

After being announced at Nintendo’s Switch reveal, the latest game in the No More Heroes franchise was a huge question mark. Suda51, the series’ creator, was coy about what the gameplay would be, cautioning the media to not refer to it as “No More Heroes 3“. We now know why that is, as the first trailer for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes has been released along the Nintendo Nindies Showcase.

Travis Strikes Again takes place seven years after the events of the original game, with The Bad, the father of NMH‘s Bad Girl, coming to exact revenge on Travis for killing her. During their scuffle in a trailer, the game console Travis was using activates, dragging the duo into the digital world.

Things haven’t been fully elaborated, but the current thought is that Travis must now fight through the worlds of indie games, eventually squaring off with characters from the game. Hotline Miami was featured prominently in the trailer, making the thought of Travis facing down against Jacket or Biker from Hotline oh so enticing.

Another interesting thing to note is the game console Travis and The Bad get sucked into. It’s a Death Drive mk 2, a similar console to the Death Drive 128 featured in another Suda51 title, Let It Die that allows the player to enter the Tower of Barbs and fight enemies in that game. Who knows if this is a fun shout out, or if Uncle Death himself will make an appearance.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will launch sometime next year exclusively on Switch, and between now and then we’ll most likely be hearing the other five promised indie crossover games will be. So far it seems like Devolver is heavily invested in the title, but I’d personally love to see more variety. Travis Touchdown fighting Shovel Knight, anyone?